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School Age

5 - 12 years

Little Sprouts of Idaho offers a safe and fun setting for school age children before and after school. Our classroom is arranged to provide a broad spectrum of activities for the different ages in this class. Your child can choose from a variety of activities, including dynamic play, books, dolls, legos, arts & crafts, and puzzles. They can choose to have some quiet, personal time or play a game with friends. After school, snacks are ready and we spend a lot of time running and playing outside (weather permitting).

Check with your school to see if the bus can pick up and drop off at the childcare center. If not, you will need to arrange transportation to and from your child's school. 

older child holding books at after school daycare

Meals & Snacks

Little Sprouts of Idaho offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks at set times every day. Meals follow the USDA food program and are balanced for optimal nutrition.

Please inform us of any allergies or food restrictions so we can work together to make the necessary arrangements.

What to Bring

Each child will have a place to store their backpack before and after school. They may bring anything that is necessary for their school day; however, toys need to stay in their backpack. If you are concerned about accidents, we can store an extra outfit labeled with the child's full name.​

Daily Schedule

Children will practice social skills with their peers and teachers, express their creativity through art, enjoy being outside, practice reading and writing skills, and challange their minds through puzzles and manipulatives.

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