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12 - 36 months

​Our toddler childcare program provides security and opportunities for independence as your child explores the world around them.  We know that stable relationships and routines are essential at this age. Your child will experience structured and spontaneous learning opportunities throughout the day as we work on fine motor skills, playing well with others, and learning letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Of course, we enjoy plenty of time outdoors when the weather is nice! At this age, we also start the process of potty training.

toddler playing with camera

Meals & Snacks

Little Sprouts of Idaho offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks at set times every day. Meals follow the USDA food program and are balanced for optimal nutrition.

Please inform us of any allergies or food restrictions so we can work together to make the necessary arrangements.

What to Bring

Parents and guardians are responsible for providing diapers, wipes, and any creams or ointments the child may use. Each toddler should have 2 changes of clothing labeled with their full name. Children should also have a blanket for nap time.

Please do not send your child in any clothing that you do not want to get dirty.

Daily Schedule

Each day consists of feeding, naptime, dynamic play, music, dancing, arts & crafts, puzzles, reading, and outside play (weather permitting). We focus on fostering positive interactions among children and finding opportunities to learn. Potty training is provided for our older toddlers.

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